The MoveScore®

RealAgile® has developed a revolutionary patented prediction technology called the MoveScore®. The MoveScore® uses a series of predictive analytic methods to rate a home's likelihood of selling within the next year. Features of the RealAgile® Products are covered by on or more claims of US Patent 8,583,562 B!, and US Patent Publication US 2014-0058961 A1, Patent Pending. It ranks and scores all the properties within your prospecting area from most likely to least likely to sell.

Predictive Analytics identifies patterns in historical and current transactions, and uses them to make predictions about future events. The best-known use of this technology is the FICO score, which rates the likelihood that individuals will repay a loan. Similarly, the MoveScore predicts the likelihood that individual homes will sell.

The MoveScore® ranking algorithm uses demographic, property characteristics, financial information, and sales history data within individual micro-markets to make its predictions.

Property Characteristics

  • Building and Lot Size
  • Structure Type
  • Rooms


  • Income
  • Age
  • Family


  • Loans
  • Liens

Sales History

  • Date
  • Price
  • Location