The MoveScoreTM

The MoveScore ranks residential properties based on their likelihood to sell within the next year using predictive analytics. This technology breakthrough allows real estate professionals to focus their marketing campaigns, saving both time and money.

We Do the Math

The MoveScore ranks all the homes in your territory by their likelihood of selling within the coming year. Using first-of-its-kind patent-pending technology, each home is evaluated against current and historical conditions in its micro-market to determine how likely it is to sell within the next year. The results from each micro-market are then combined to produce an overall ranking for your entire territory.

More About the Technology

The Math Targets

On average, within the top 20% of ranked homes, the MoveScore has predicted 40% or more of actual sales that occur within the following year. This gives you a focused list of prospects where the turnover is twice as high as your overall market, and 2.67 times as high as the lower-ranked 80%.

More About the Technology

You Convert the Targets into More Business

There are a variety of ways to use the MoveScore’s pre-seller intelligence to enhance your prospecting and marketing efforts. A few examples are:

  • matching the home criteria of buyer leads with highly ranked MoveScore homes,
  • doorknocking the 5% of homes in your territory that are ranked most likely to move,
  • mailing to the top 10% of homes in your territory that are ranked most likely to move, and then hand-delivering respondents a CMA.

These are just a few of the many ways to make the MoveScore work for you.

More About the Technology