The MoveScore List for Brokerages

The MoveScore list is an ideal tool for brokerages that have prospecting processes in place. In addition, you can use it to attract, retain, and motivate the best agents. Contact us for information about additional features and services that we can provide for our brokerage clients.

We can assist you in integrating the MoveScore list into your in-house or outsourced total marketing system.

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The MoveScore List for Realtors

RealAgile provides you with monthly or bimonthly MoveScore lists of the homes in your territory, ranked by likelihood of selling in the next year. The lists include residents' names and addresses that we have 'scrubbed' to improve performance of your mailing programs.

You can use one of our direct-mail partners to operate a variety of direct-mail marketing campaigns. We can provide our MoveScore lists to them in the format they require, giving you a seamless intelligent campaign management system.

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