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Marketing Intelligently

"Today's market requires real estate professionals to use data more precisely than ever before. California-based RealAgile created a system of information that can more accurately predict which families have the highest likelihood of becoming sellers."

RealAgile Could Change How You Do Farm Marketing

" As any top agent knows, targeting your marketing is important. Not only does it help you to keep your marketing costs in check, but it also gives you more of a chance to get a return on your marketing dollars. "


" What is this product? Quick and dirty - it lets you spend 20% of the time and money you are now, to prospect your geographic farm, but still be in touch with almost 50% of the homes that are going to sell in the next six months. "

MoveScore can predict when consumers will move

" Predicting when consumers are ready to sell their houses could save REALTORS® both time and money. uses predictive analytics to help REALTORS® determine which consumers have a high probability of moving... "

4 hot real estate tech tools

" Looking to get a jump on the competition in 2010? If so, check out these new Web tools that can give your business a definite edge. One of the best ways to take business away from your competitors is to provide your clients with the latest technology tools. "

Future of Real Estate, Part 1

" The MoveScore by RealAgile is a predictive analytical model, not unlike the FICO scoring model used by lenders to help determine whether potential borrowers are good risks. "

Website lets buyers and sellers vent about bad agents

" In those cases, rather than wait for someone to stick a sign in the ground, either you or your agent would normally go door-to-door asking folks if they might be interested in selling. But with MoveScore by RealAgile, you can save yourself some time and shoe leather by determining in advance which properties are most likely to sell over the next six months. "

The MoveScore

" RealAgile has developed a patent-pending method for ranking a homeowner's likelihood of selling their home within 6 months, relative to other households in the area. The ranking, or MoveScore was developed by RealAgile's PhDs, who have nationally recognized expertise in real estate and urban land economics. The MoveScore is the first of its kind. "